Gema Izquierdo


Specialist in external and corporate communication, her passion is the relationship with the media (especially those of lifestyle, decoration and gourmet cuisine). She rises to the organization of events. She is empathetic, versatile, positive and tremendously creative. Gema has an innate ability for social relationships and is the corporate smile of the company.
She has enthusiast about PR (from a sense of vocation and profession), communication, protocol and interior design.
She enjoy the letters and numbers, customers and suppliers, sea and mountain, summer and winter, driving her car, sailing a ship (has the title of PNB) and also flying.
Before coming to Alana, she worked at IFEMA, Habitat and Consultores QuantumLeap, where she acquired more than 10 years of experience in the strategic communication sector, collaborating with clients such as:
Schmidt Cocinas, French manufacturer of German origin of kitchen furniture; Ambius, specialists in olfactory marketing, decoration with plants, interior and exterior gardening services, rental of Christmas decorations and creation of atmospheres; Rentokil Initial, experts in Environmental Hygiene, Whirlpool Corporation, US manufacturers of electrical appliances; and Cárnicas Medina, internal suplier of chain of supermarkets Mercadona.
The relation with her work transcends the borders of simple commitment.
She is perfectionist, persevering and tremendously responsible, and in spite of that, she is always smiling.