Strategic Consulting 

Where will be my business in ten years? In Alana we are strategic consultants and we think in the future. We analyze competitive environments to define the brand positioning and we choose the areas where a company can develop and be relevant. We are reflexive and we claim the right to be wrong … although we will try to do it as little as possible. The one who doesn’t work is not wrong.

 Corporate communication 

Reputation, image, …What are your values? What is your competitive difference? What is said about your brand on the Internet? Is it possible to influence your target audiences to change your image? In Alana Consultores de Comunicación we have answers to all these questions.


Sponsorship is a very useful communication strategy in sophisticated environments. When you sponsor an event you are projecting the values of your company. There is an exchange of attributes between the sponsored and your brand. But not everything is valid and a wrong decision can turn against you. We have the answer you need to communicate properly through a sponsorship action.


Beyond the brand. Branding is a new speciality derived from marketing and consulting that analyzes the situation of a brand in their environments. Before creating an image, the most important part in the creative process of the brand begins with an expert consultancy process that ends in the creative briefing. Only after that moment we will be able to decide on the refreshing of the old brand or the creation of a new one. Have you ever felt lonely? Alana helps you make that decision.


Do you need to reach your customers? The traditional marketing mix of the 4 p’s (product, price, place and promotion) has evolved and now is the marketing mix of the 4 c’s (content, context, connection and community). All this actions develop in a multi-channel environment where traditional activities are complemented by new ones in the online world. We are specialists in creating relationships of trust and in transforming the Communication into a conversion means.